Thursday, March 22, 2018

My Time management in PYPX group

This week in PYPX groups, I think our group did a good job on time managing. Our group was working hard and most of the work done. Our group finished the central idea and the lines of inquires done before everyone else so I felt proud about my group. We had a head start on our research and now, we are almost done with our informational report and I feel so happy about the fact that our group has finished it.

Some times we had some arguments but most of the time, our group was cooperating and didn't argue as much. We took advantage of the research parts that we chose to do and we were responsible with our work. When we had an interview planned, we wrote down some questions we might want to ask them.

Today, we interviewed Mr. Dylan the councilor and asked some questions about our SDG (16 - peace, justice and strong institution), Our central idea and the lines of inquiry. Our central idea was: " Humans must have justice and cooperation for peace to exist." and our lines of inquiry was: - What are the effects of teasing? - How to stop teasing and violence? - What makes a peaceful and cooperative community? We also researched about the difference in teasing and bullying, and also when teasing becomes bullying. We found out that teasing is positive when you are doing it as a joke, but it could be negative when the person doesn't like it or gets barrenest about it. 
Also today Mr. Dylan told our group that when the person bullying does something once, then it is not REALLY bullying. But when the person bullying keeps on doing it or repeating it, then that says that it is bullying. I think the information was very helpful and I think I learned a lot from it. I hope our group stays like this until Exhibition is done.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Music concert

Today the whole grade 4 and 5 did a music concert. I was in the Grade 5 band group, so we had to do the opening which was nervous. After the band, the Strings came in and did the performance. Lots of parents were watching the concert so it was x2 more nervous then before.
Yesterday we had an dress rehearsal and it was boring. We had to wait for a long time and my feet was so sore. Last year in grade 4, we also did a concert, but since we also had the instruments, it felt more nervous than last year. But I personally think that I did really well, and the whole grade 5 did really well.
When preparing for the concert, the challenge was to memorize the notes and the places. Because if you didn't play the note right, then it gets confusing. The easiest thing was making the sound of the flue because when you blow it, it just makes a sound.
After the concert, I found my mom and my mom told me that I was really good at the concert. I felt proud and excellent about myself and the concert. I was happy that the time we spent preparing for the concert wasn't a waste because a lot of people came and was so engaged. 
( You can click HERE to see a snippet of the concert)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

PYP Exhibition

This week the grade 5's were talking a lot about EXHIBITION. We were starting to prepare for our exhibition and connecting the SDG's to our passion. I was hard to think of an action to go with it. PASSION+ISSUE=ACTION
I equations were:
Reading+some country's don't let girls go to school
Planets+trash and pollution
These were big issues for me that connected to my passion.
My worries for Exhibition is not getting a good group because when the group is bad, I can't focus on my work, and it is just uncomfortable for me.
I am also excited to share my passion the issues I have with other people though exhibition.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

UOI - Art gallery management system

This week we were busy searching for our chosen government system. I choose an art gallery. This was an independent presentation, so I had to work alone.
The system was:
Boss/Administer-head of the art gallery.
Community minister- checks if all the ministers are doing well and reports to the Administer.
Service minister- Takes care of the services that the gallery provides. ( Ex: Guides, Gift Shop, cafe...etc)
Assistant- Helps improve the services ( ex: by interviewing people)
Display minister- Goes around and checks if the artworks are displayed well.
Assistant- Helps organize artwork displays.
Artwork minister - Checks if the artworks are well preserved
Assistant-  Helps the artwork minster to organize the artworks.
Environment minister-Checks if the environment of the gallery.
These were the job I found, and I asked for an interview with an teacher who takes care of the Art center. But, she didn't respond YET. I hope to have an interview with her, but if I can't, I would work on my presentation.
I chose to do an Art Gallery because my passion is Art, so I was interested in searching up. It was fun and I got to learn the system of the art gallery, and learned the positions from it.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

discussion essay!

This week we were writing our discussion essay. We learned the structure and the features we had to have in the essay.  My question was " do students have to go to school??" I think that actually we don't, because we can also still work at home and it can much more helpful to learn and study at home. The structure is the Introduction, then it is the arguments for and against, the finally the conclusion which includes an opinion.


It was fun and helpful because I didn't know how to write an proper discussion essay, but I learned how, and it was fun searching. I actually is passionate about  art, but I couldn't think of an question for it. So next time, I would choose a question I am more passionate about, so I could enjoy writing it.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Finding the mean average

This week, our class has been working on finding the mean average of some math questions.
This is how you do it:

  1. First you choose a question
  2. Next get some Data from people
  3. Then find the observation ( how much people voted? ) 
  4. Find the total number of votes ( ex: 5+4+6=?= total )
  5. Then divide the observation and the total
  6. Then you get your answer/ mean average!
  7. Finally, you conclude/reflect your work!
My Thoughts:
I think it will be helpful to organize our Data, but I think it will take me some time to get the answer. But still I think when we are doing some graph organizing work, it would be useful.     

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Partial Quotient Method

This week, are teacher told us a new way of solving division problems.
It was the partial Quotient method.
 The method was similar to the traditional method but for me, the P.Q ( partial Quotient ) method was a bit harder and difficult to use.

My opinion is that I liked the traditional method better, because for the traditional method it is easier to do, an also since I've done it for a long time, it is easier to me.
If I were doing an problem with an limited time, or like a division problem with 3 or 4 digit number, then I wouldn't use the P.Q method.

Who made the Partial Quotient method? When was it made??