Thursday, January 11, 2018

Our new unit, GOVERNMENT

After winter break, we started on a new unit called "Government".
While learning about governments, we learned some words that are used a lot in our unit/.
We had Four different types of words and they are:
  1. Monarchy
  2. Anarchy
  3. Dictatorship
  4. Democracy
So we researched about these words and we wrote facts and question that we had in our document ( google doc ).  
Here is the meaning, facts, and some questions about these four words:


Monarchy is a group of government that has a single person in lead who is called Monarch. Monarch is another name of people like King, Queen, and Emperor. And they have almost the complete power in the group.

Anarchy is a country without a specific leader.
When people do not have a leader or is not sure who is the leader. It has more than one definition (but three of the definitions are saying that there is no leader.) Anarchy in korean is moojungbu sangte
Root: an-without + arkhos-leader
  • How does anarchy happen?
  • Where did it start first?
  • What do people do usually when anarchy happens?
Dictatorship is a form of government, but one person or a small group has almost unlimited power. The ruler of an dictatorship is called the dictator and also Monarchs like kings, are another type of dictator-a ruler with almost unlimited power.
Dictator may take over the government or they may force people to do things they want them to know.
  • How do people choose who will be the dictator?
  • What happens if the dictator die? - Will they choose a new dictator?   


Democracy means “ the form of government”. This word comes from two Greek words that means “ rule by the people”. ( So people can make(?) rules)
Korean: Minjujui
  • What happens if other people agree on the rule that others chose?

For me, it was very fun and I thought it was very helpful to me.

P.S: Here is a picture of me working!

Hello to everyone!

Sorry if it has an late " Hello" post on 2018.
Thank you for come and looking at my blog posts, and I wish you an
Seo Yeon

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Energy source Maker Day!

Today was MAKER DAY where we get to build and make things out of any material using creativity in teams.
The whole grade 5 got into energy sources by continent groups and got to make the product for our SHARK TANK which is coming up soon.
There are 8 main energy sources:

  1. Solar energy
  2. Geothermal energy
  3. Biomass
  4. Wind enrgy
  5. Hydro energy/power
  6. Nuclear power
  7. Fossil Fuels
  8. Fuel cells
I was in the HYDRO POWER group and my continent group was AFRICA, with 3 other teammates. They were:

  • Yuyao
  • Minh
  • Hai Nam

Our group made a turbine that uses water to make electricity.
it was challenging to make the turbine because we had asked for cardboard but they gave us thin paper and we asked for plastic spoons but they gave us wooden spoons, so it was hard making the turbine with the wrong materials. And also since we made it of layers of thin paper and wooden spoons, when ever we tried it, the turbine spins but after the turbine got soaking wet. It was a bit frustrated because the LED light didn't light up, but the turbine was getting apart so we was fixing and fixing.

But after testing and trying to make the LED light to light up, we figured out that we needed more power to light up the LED light - like the water fall. This made me MORE frustrated.

My role for the team was the time & communication manger, but for me, it seemed like me, Yuyao and Minh doing most of the work for the group.
We got most of our things done, but NOW, our group has to work on our presentation for the SHARK TANK.

I was very proud of myself but still think that me and my teammates can improve on teamwork and focusing.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Kool-Aid problem with our parents

Today, was an open door math class which are parents could come in and see what we are learning. 
 I was NERVOUS because parents were coming in. When they came, we solved a Kool-Aid problem.
I first was lie what is a Kool-Aid? but I found out that it was a popular juice when my teacher was young.

Kool-Aid Problem: there were a glass of kool-aid, and the man drank 3/8 of the kool-aid. Then, how much is left in the glass?

We got help from our parents. Here is a picture of me and kelly ( Soo Hyun) working!

We needed quite a help because it was a three act problem and we need to explain every thing we did. It was a bit hard and it took us a long time to finish solving the problem.

I got the answer 125ml, by solving it like this:
1000 / 8= 125ml
Answer: 125

When I was done solving, I felt very very proud of myself. 

P.S: If you solved it in a different way, share it with me by commenting below!

Friday, November 24, 2017


Last week, we had a narrative assessment on a picture - an bench picture and we revised it, and edited our narrative on the computer and printed it. I also made a cover for mine!

My cover!
The picture we used for writing

Draft page 1

Draft page 2

 Revise & edit

Today we had a publish party where we invited our grade 1 buddies and read our stories to them also while having popcorn and other treats. ( YUM) We worked in small groups and gave each other feed backs on our narratives. It was lots of fun.

2nd last copy

I would change my setting and my character, and maybe my story arc! well.... it's because then, I could write a better story since I already had an opportunity to make it better.
And also I think I did well in adding in what the character was thinking, and also adding in emotive language.
The part when we were organizing paragraph was challenging because I wasn't so sure how to organize paragraph.

Lastly, this is a link for my narrative!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New unit - electricity

We have a new unit on electricity.

This is a picture of lights hanging.

I see....

  • a light that is lit up
  • lots of lights that are not lit up.
I think...
  • that the light is lit up because of electricity, and the other light are not lit up because there are no electricity
I wonder...
  •                                                                             Why is only one light lit up?
                                                                                     If there is one code for all of these                                                                                                    lights, than why is only one lit up?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Migration museum!

On friday ( 27th october), we did a migration museum as a whole grade 5 where you tell other people about an immigrant you chose. I chose an author called “ Linda Sue Park” and researched for 1 week. I chose her because she was the author for the book ‘ A Long Walk to Water’ which Gr.5 was reading. At TIG time, our librarian taught us about her and that was the time where I got interest.

I got the information from: Google, Someone's blog about Linda sue park, and also from a website ( check it!) ‘’ .
We used a story arc to organize our notes and also made posters ( choice) to hang up on our backboards. On our Q-cards ( choice again) we had to have a Perspective, Causation and a Change.
While I was researching, I needed help with finding linda sue park’s parents story because there wasn’t enough articles about her parents.
If I could do it again I would try to member my speech (?). I would also look at my posters and talk about it.
Thank You!! (?)